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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency management, and population.


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Families and Living Arrangements
How Marital Status and Children Affect Social Safety Net Participation
An updated interactive data tool allows users to explore household composition and expanded age categories of those who received government benefits in 2020.
Families and Living Arrangements
Does Marrying Younger Mean Marrying More Often?
The age at first marriage can affect the number of times you get married.
Income and Poverty
Wealth Inequality in the U.S. by Household Type
Census data show persistent inequalities in household wealth in 2019: 38.7% of households did not own a home, and 41.2% did not have a retirement account.
Families and Living Arrangements
Marriage Prevalence for Black Adults Varies by State
While the United States as a whole saw a 1.9 percentage-point decrease in married Black adults, four states experienced a significant increase.
Women More Likely Than Men to Have No Retirement Savings
Are your retirement savings related to the number of times you have been married or the number of partners with whom you have children?
Families and Living Arrangements
Unmarried Opposite-Sex Couples Cohabitating More Likely to Both Work
New Census Bureau tables on America’s families show differences in the employment status of unmarried and married opposite-sex couples that live together.
Families and Living Arrangements
Marital Histories Differ Between Native-Born and Foreign-Born Adults
New Census Bureau report reveals foreign-born people are more likely than native-born to marry, are older when they first marry and are less likely to remarry.
Families and Living Arrangements
Love and Loss Among Older Adults
Nine in 10 adults ages 70 or older have married, but over half of women and a quarter of men ages 75 or older who have been married have experienced widowhood.
Families and Living Arrangements
How Do People in Same-Sex Couples Compare to Opposite-Sex Couples?
A U.S. Census Bureau interactive data visualization shows characteristics of same-sex couples at the state level.
Families and Living Arrangements
U.S. Marriage and Divorce Rates Declined in Last 10 Years
Interactive data tool allows you to compare marriage and divorce rates across states for 2009 and 2019.


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