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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency management, and population.


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Losing Our Parents
A new data visualization shows patterns in parent mortality by age, sex, race and ethnicity for 2019 and 2021.
Remote Work During the Pandemic Shifted Daytime Population of Cities
U.S. Census Bureau tools show how the daytime population of urban job centers declined during the pandemic as more employees worked from home.
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How Did Self-Care Industries Perform at Start of Pandemic?
The 2021 Service Annual Survey shows trends in select self-care industries since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Volunteering in America: New U.S. Census Bureau, AmeriCorps Research
A Census Bureau and AmeriCorps survey provides the most comprehensive data on volunteering and civic engagement by state and within the largest 12 metro areas.
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Net International Migration Returns to Pre-COVID-19 Levels
New 2022 population estimates show the largest single-year increase in net migration between the United States and abroad since 2010.
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LGBT Adults Report Anxiety, Depression at All Ages
The Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey provides insight into the mental health and well-being of the LGBT population.
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Using Census Data to Inform Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery
The U.S. Census Bureau provides vital tools and data to assist in disaster preparedness, response and recovery.
How Resilient Are Communities Along the U.S.-Mexico Border?
The Community Resilience Estimates show that more people living in the 44 counties along the U.S.-Mexico border are less resilient than the nation as a whole.
America Counts Story
Who Is Impacted by Student Loan Forgiveness and How?
New Survey of Income and Program Participation data show who has student loan debt and how much they had after the COVID-19 pause in payments.
Did COVID-19 Change Retirement Timing?
Despite major disruptions in the labor market, the pandemic had a modest impact on peoples’ retirement timing.
Uninsured Rate Declined in 28 States 2019-2021
Today’s release of the 2021 American Community Survey 1-year estimates shows increase in public health coverage in 36 states.
How Food Service, Transportation Workers Fared Before Pandemic
A new U.S. Census Bureau report shows that people in some occupations hard hit during the pandemic had low earnings and benefits even before COVID-19.
Children Continue to be More Involved in Some Extracurricular Activities
New U.S. Census Bureau historical tables show both girls and boys are taking more lessons and playing more sports than in 1998.
How Did CARES Act Funding Impact State Revenues, Spending?
The 2020 Annual Survey of State Government Finances captures only three months of the CARES Act funding to state governments but it already shows major impacts.
Fewer Younger Adults Drives Population Loss in Some U.S. Cities
Why did some cities lose population in 2021? Population estimates by characteristics released today provide some answers.
LGBT Adults Report Anxiety, Depression During Pandemic
The Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey provides insight into the mental health and well-being of the LGBT population during COVID-19.
Big Population Shifts in Cities and Towns One Year Into Pandemic
City and town population estimates for July 1, 2021, show consistent regional trends but smaller gains and larger declines for top cities and towns.
Housing Vacancy Rates Near Historic Lows
Housing Vacancy Survey shows that availability of homeowner and rental housing tightened during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Business and Economy
E-Commerce Sales Surged During the Pandemic
Annual growth in e-commerce retail sales accelerated during the pandemic as more consumers shopped online.
Income and Poverty
Less Hunger in At-Risk Households During Pandemic Expansion of School Meals Program
Participation rates in free school lunch programs remain higher for lower income children even when program was expanded during the pandemic.
America Counts Story
Net Domestic Migration Increased in Many U.S. Counties in 2021
Smaller counties were more likely to experience net domestic migration gains and larger counties declines last year, possibly due to the pandemic.
U.S. Deaths Spiked as COVID-19 Continued
The United States experienced its largest increase in deaths between 2019 and 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began.
What Has Driven Population Change in U.S. Counties?
In most counties, domestic migration played a larger role in population growth than births, deaths and international migration, possibly due to the pandemic.
Income and Poverty
Harder to Pay the Bills Now That Child Tax Credit Payments Have Ended
As Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments ended in December, more households with children reported struggling to cover household expenses.
Business and Economy
Census Bureau Survey Now Measures COVID Impact on Workforce, Supplies
Phase 8 of the SBPS is designed to deepen our understanding of how the pandemic continues to affect U.S. small business operations.
Frontline Workers Report More Anxiety, Depressive Disorder Symptoms
Fewer adults are reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression than a year ago. Frontline workers outside the home are more likely to report these symptoms.
Families and Living Arrangements
Parents and Children Interacted More During COVID-19
During Covid-19 lockdowns, parents changed how they interacted with children: more dinners and reading together but fewer outings.
Who Are the Adults Not Vaccinated Against COVID?
About 15% of U.S. adults are not vaccinated against COVID and the Household Pulse Survey shows the reasons why.
Net International Migration at Lowest Levels in Decades
Travel restrictions during the pandemic had a significant impact on international migration, according to July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021 estimates out today.
Population Grew 0.1% in 2021, Slowest Rate Since America’s Founding
With the exception of the last few years, the U.S. population has not grown at such a slow rate since 1918, during the influenza pandemic and World War I.
America Counts Story
Pre-COVID Early Childhood Enrollment Grew, More in Public Preschools
Before COVID-19, preschool enrollment was increasing as state funding of early education programs grew and the federal government is now proposing universal
Census Bureau Survey Explores Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
New data visualization allows users to explore differences in characteristics and experiences during the pandemic between LGBT and non-LGBT populations.
Will Post-COVID Unemployment Insurance Be Like After Great Recession?
The share of adults who received UI reached a six-year low in 2018 during the Great Recession recovery. So far during the pandemic, UI receipt remains high.
U.S. Births Declined During the Pandemic
Several factors affect the birth rate but the pandemic did have an impact: births declined but began to rise again in March of this year.
America Counts Story
Pandemic Disrupts Some Trends in Health Care Services
Estimates from the Quarterly Services Survey show that revenue percentage change for health care industries varied widely during the pandemic.
Business and Economy
Student Debt Weighed Heavily on Millions Even Before Pandemic
Student loans are one of the largest contributors to household debt, an added burden on those already hard-hit by the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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