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America Counts: Stories Behind the Numbers

We feature stories on various topics such as families, housing, employment, business, education, the economy, emergency management, and population.


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Bringing Census Bureau Data to Classrooms
Census Statistician Adam Grundy visits a school and shares innovative data products. Engaging youth audiences can improve response to Census Bureau surveys.
Business and Economy
Business Desert = Opportunity Oasis
You won't find a barber shop in 2,400 of the nation's 3,142 counties or a movie theater in 1,586 counties, or a dental office in 305.
Census Questions Keep Up With the Times
Reflecting societal changes, testing supports dropping terms such as "trolley bus" and "handheld computer."
Detailed Look at Sub-Saharan African and Caribbean Ancestry
For the first time, demographic profiles of those who reported ancestry from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Haiti, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago are available.
Eye on the Hurricanes: Census Staffer on the Front Lines
Jane Callen, a senior writer/editor at the Census Bureau, headed to Florida and the US Virgin Islands as a volunteer emergency medical technician.
Mapping the Impact of Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters
As disasters unfold, OnTheMap for Emergency Management pinpoints the count and characteristics of people who work and live in affected areas.
Renters Moving at Historically Low Rates
Renters are contributing to the overall decline of the moving rate.
The Opportunity Project Addresses Homelessness Among Other Challenges
Under The Opportunity Project, 10 federal agencies and more than 50 technology companies, universities and communities have joined forces.
A Detroit Home is a Neighborhood Refuge
Sonia Brown is following a familial tradition and uses Census data to tailor services to the needs of her changing Detroit community.
Families and Living Arrangements
More Women In Early 30s Are Childless
It does not mean that they will not have children later.
Point. Click. Get Data.
Interactive visualizations bring to life the 11 billion new estimates from the American Community Survey every year.
Poverty Rate Lower in Rural America Than Urban Centers
Despite lower incomes for rural residents, the poverty rate is lower than in urban America.
Business and Economy
Retailers Hope Holiday Sales Are Ringing
The success of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday can make or break retailers.
Social, Economic Change Affect Decisions to Move Out of State
States, such as Florida and Arizona, that had many more people move in than move out in 2005 experienced a much smaller gain in 2010 but bounced back by 2015.
Families and Living Arrangements
Who Knew? D.C. Tops in Never-Married Population
The District of Columbia has a higher share of men and women who never married than any of the 50 states.
Are Smartphones the Key to Crossing the Digital Divide?
Handheld devices, such as smartphones, may be a game changer when it comes to increasing internet access for low-income households.
As Population Ages, U.S. Nears Historic Increase in Deaths
Deaths are projected at 3.6 million in 2037, 1 million more than in 2015. As boomers age, deaths will rise every year, reaching a peak in 2055.
Big and Small America
There are striking differences in age, race and ethnicity between big-county America and small-county America.
Median Earnings for All Female Workers Highest in 40 Years
The employment landscape changes when all workers -- not just full time, year-round workers -- are included in the research.
New Data On Small, Diverse Populations
Small, diverse populations now have access to detailed social, economic and demographic data about their communities.
Number of Hispanic Students More Than Double in 20 Years
From 1996 to 2016, Hispanic students enrolled in schools from nursery school to college more than doubled. Hispanics now make up 22.7 percent of U.S. students.
Number of Housing Units Fluctuates in Past Decade
States where housing units were booming from 2006-07 declined mid-decade but started gaining again in 2015-16. Some states have been losing all along.
Homeownership Higher in Rural Areas
The American dream of home ownership is achieved more by rural than urban residents.
How Working-Age Female Veterans Compare With Female Nonveterans
New research highlights characteristics of women veterans in three age groups and compares them to nonveteran women.
Lower Tips Offset Higher Minimum Wage for Servers
When hourly pay requirements go up, more people want to work in bars and restaurants and tips are shared among more people.
Millennials Are Helping Philadelphia Rebound
Philadelphia's population had fallen to its lowest levels since 1900. Millennials now are key to Philadelphia's population turnaround.
Where The Babies Are Booming
Younger populations usually mean more births. The five states with the most births account for 10 percent of the U.S. population but 12 percent of the births.
Families and Living Arrangements
A Third of Young Adults Live With Their Parents
More lived with their parents than with a spouse in 2016. It's part of a growing trend of delaying typical milestones of adulthood.
Financial Health of State and Local Governments
The Census of Governments provides comprehensive information on the financial health of key providers of services.
How Minnesota Uses the American Community Survey
The American Community Survey helps state and local communities plan for transportation, housing and even access to healthy food.
Business and Economy
How Three Travel Sectors Are Faring
A look at revenue in travel accommodation industry, car rental establishments and marinas.
Landscaping Industry Is Growing
There are more landscaping businesses that are employing more people.
Families and Living Arrangements
Majority of Children Live With Two Parents
Children living with mothers only, a growing trend, is the second-most common family structure.
Families and Living Arrangements
More Adults Living Without Children
The number of married households has declined while the number of people living alone has risen.
Population Rising in Coastal Counties
In 10 years, the population of 185 coastline counties from Maine to Texas jumped 9.4 percent to 59.6 million.
Public Pension Contributions Increase to Close Funding Gaps
In 2016, earnings were lower than in 1993 while contributions were nearly three times higher.


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