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Census Briefs

Census Briefs provide, in a series of succinct reports, data on topics of current interest. Presented in narrative style accompanied by charts and tables, the reports summarize data from current economic and demographic surveys. Each brief also includes sources of additional information on the discussed topic.

Prior to November 1996, Census Briefs were called Statistical Briefs. Beginning in December, 1996, the Statistical Briefs series were redesigned and reissued as Census Briefs.

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A Taste of the Big Apple — Housing in New York City
This brief examines various housing characteristics of housing in New York City.

Housing in Metropolitan Areas — Homeowner Financial Characteristics
This brief looks at three different financial characteristics — home value, selected monthly homeowner costs, and costs as a percentage of household income.

Housing of American Indians on Reservations — An Overview
This brief examines housing characteristics of American Indian households on reservations and their associated trust lands.

Poverty — Long and Short Term
This brief explores how many are poor at a point in time, how common poverty is on a long-term basis, and how many move into and out of poverty over time.

Housing in Metropolitan Areas — Single-Parent Families
This brief looks at housing conditions faced by single-parent households and compares their situation with that of married-couple households with own children.

Our Scholastic Society
This brief uses data collected by the Current Population Survey to examine various enrollment trends at different levels of school.

Participants in Assistance Programs
This brief explores how many Americans take part in major means-tested government assistance programs.

Dollars for Scholars — Postsecondary Costs and Financing
This brief examines how likely it was for a postsecondary student to have received financial aid during the 1990-91 school year.

Financing Our Residential Property
This brief covers financing arrangements for both single-unit, owner-occupied properties and rental and vacant properties with five or more housing units.

Health Insurance Coverage — 1993
This brief presents data on the health insurance coverage status of Americans during the 1993 calendar year.

Housing in Metropolitan Areas — Movers and Stayers
This brief examines which metropolitan areas had the highest areas of householders who moved into their homes during the 15 months prior to the 1990 census.

Housing in Metropolitan Areas — Renter Financial Characteristics
This brief examines the characteristics of rental housing in America’s metropolitan areas (MA’s).

Housing of Lower-Income Households
This brief examines various demographic, financial, and housing characteristics of low-income and near low-income households.

More Education Means Higher Career Earnings
This brief examines the relationship between education and earnings; it also demonstrates how the relationship has changed over the last two decades.

Housing in Metropolitan Areas — Structural Characteristics
This brief looks specifically at two different housing characteristics – age of the structural and type of structure.

New Homes
This brief examines the characteristics of new homes and their occupants in 1990 and how these characteristics differed from those of all homes.

Phoneless in America
This brief uses data collected by the 1990 Census of Population and Housing to show which types of households were most likely to still be phoneless.

The Earnings Ladder: Who's at the Bottom? Who's at the Top?
This brief shows which groups of workers aged 16 and over were most likely to have “low” annual earnings and which most apt to have “high” annual earnings.

Where the Growth Will Be — State Population Projections: 1993 to 2020
This brief presents the Census Bureau’s population projections for selected States for the 1993 to 2020 period.

Blacks in America — 1992
This brief explores the state of Blacks in America, how their situation has changed, as well as how their condition compares with that of the White population.

This brief examines the characteristics of condos and their occupants in 1990 and compares this information with similar data collected in the 1980 census.

Mobile Homes
This brief examines the characteristics of mobile homes and their occupants in 1990 and how these characteristics had changed since 1980.

House Beautiful — Patterns of Home Maintenance
This brief examines the likelihood of homeowners spending money on home maintenance during a year’s time, how much they spent, and other factors.

Metropolitan Areas
This brief looks at how America’s metro areas changed as a result of OMB’s latest redefinition, effective June 30, 1993.

Tracking the American Dream — Fifty Years of Housing Changes
This brief explores how the American housing picture has changed during the last half-century.

Who's Minding the Kids?
This brief examines how children were cared for while their moms were at work and the costs of this care.

Health Insurance Coverage — Who Had a Lapse Between 1990 and 1992?
This brief examines the likelihood of having a lapse in health insurance coverage over two different lengths of time – 12 months and 32 months.

Manufacturers Respond to Volatility in Energy Markets
This Brief examines the U.S. manufacturing sector's consumption of energy.

The World at a Glance: 1994
This brief examines world-wide population totals, population growth, fertility, contraceptive use, life expectancy, infant mortality, and population density.

Household Wealth and Asset Ownership: 1991
This brief takes a look at median household net worth (wealth), i.e., the value of assets covered in the survey minus any debts.

Americans with Disabilities
This brief examines persons with specific types of disabilities, their demographic characteristics, employment status and health insurance coverage, and more.


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