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Census Briefs

Census Briefs provide, in a series of succinct reports, data on topics of current interest. Presented in narrative style accompanied by charts and tables, the reports summarize data from current economic and demographic surveys. Each brief also includes sources of additional information on the discussed topic.

Prior to November 1996, Census Briefs were called Statistical Briefs. Beginning in December, 1996, the Statistical Briefs series were redesigned and reissued as Census Briefs.

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Home Alone in 1989
This brief focuses on one facet of one-person householders—their housing characteristics, and the differences and similarities between men and women.

Family Life Today . . . And How It Has Changed
This brief explores some important trends in family circumstances and living arrangements, with a particular emphasis on children.

Residential Work Slows Nationwide
This brief features information about residential improvement and repair expenses since 1984.

When Families Break Up
This brief examines family breakup concentrating on two-parent families and mother-child families.

Who Could Own Homes in the Year 2000?
This brief explains how homeownership might change by the year 2000.

Housing Vacancy Rates: 1989 to 1991
This brief examines how vacancy rates changed in different geographic areas and what the rates were for homes with specific characteristics.

Our Increasingly Populated World
This brief explores worldwide population totals, population growth, fertility, life expectancy, infant mortality, population density, and contraceptive use.

Health Insurance: Who Was Covered Between 1987 and 1990?
This brief examines the type of coverage Americans had in late 1990, as well as which groups were continuously covered and which groups were not.

Defense Industries Making Adjustments
This brief features how defense manufacturers are shifting to civilian production, particularly for capital goods industries.

Black-Owned Businesses Demonstrate Growth
This brief highlights data for Black-owned businesses from recent censuses.

Homeownership: 1989 to 1991
This brief examines how homeownership rates changed in different geographic areas as well as how rates looked among different demographic groups.

Where the Jobs Were: Job Creation in the Late 1980's
This brief reveals who was entering jobs, between the end of 1986 and the beginning of 1989, and what kind of jobs were available.

Support Networks Among American Families: 1988
This brief examines characteristics of both providers and recipients of financial help in order to make ends meet.

Who Makes Do-lt-Yourself Home Improvements?
This brief presents the demographic characteristics of households who did do-it-yourself jobs.

Americans and Their Automobiles
This brief describes some aspects of our transportation patterns and our relationship with motor vehicles—how we get to work, when we leave, and more.

Housing of Single-Parent Families
This brief focuses on single-parent families — in particular, their housing characteristics — and compares them to married-couple family households.

How Consumers Spend Their Money
This brief uses data collected between 1917 and 1990 by the Consumer Expenditure Surveys to examine how spending patterns have changed over the years.

The Shifting Fertility Patterns of American Women
This brief examines current fertility patterns and compares them to past patterns.


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