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Census Briefs

Census Briefs provide, in a series of succinct reports, data on topics of current interest. Presented in narrative style accompanied by charts and tables, the reports summarize data from current economic and demographic surveys. Each brief also includes sources of additional information on the discussed topic.

Prior to November 1996, Census Briefs were called Statistical Briefs. Beginning in December, 1996, the Statistical Briefs series were redesigned and reissued as Census Briefs.

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Changing Demographics Cause Shift In Market Share
This brief shows how demographic, social, & economic changes over the past two decades have altered the share of the market held by various demographic groups.

The Decline in American Voter Turnout
This brief examines differences in voting patterns in the November 1990 elections based on various social and demographic characteristics.

Who’s Supporting the Kids?
This brief examines the characteristics of women receiving child support payments, the amount they received, & visitation rights & residence of absent fathers.

Federal Contracts Are Big Business
This brief highlights contract awards for fiscal year 1990 and in the past decade.

New First-Time Homeowners
This brief focuses on new first-time owners, those who moved into their first home during the past year.

Recent Movers
This Brief uses data from the 1989 American Housing Survey to examine the characteristics of "recent movers" and compare them to other owners and renters.

Chemicals Trade and Production
This brief examines a wide variety of data on the chemicals industry, covering imports, exports, and domestic production.

This brief examines housing costs to determine the characteristics of those who are "house-rich" and those who are "house-poor".

Pensions: Who Is Covered?
This brief examines the extent to which American wage and salary workers 25 years old and over were covered by retirement plans other than Social Security.

Residential Energy Uses
This brief examines the different energy sources Americans used to heat their residences in 1989 and how they've changed since 1950.

Trade With the Pacific Rim
This brief highlights data on U.S. trade, and trade with Pacific Rim countries, since 1980.

Who Can Afford to Buy a House?
This brief focuses on the demographic characteristics of families and individuals trying to buy homes.

Homeownership in the 1980's
This brief studies the decline in homeownership rates, the first such decline since the 1930's.

Retail Sales Reflect Economic Trends
This brief highlights data from recent monthly retail sales reports.

The Growing Use of Computers
This brief examines computer use by adults and by children age 3 to 17 in 1989.

The Economics of Family Disruption
This brief examines the effects of parental separation on children's economic well-being.

Does Education Pay Off?
This brief examines the educational attainment of the adult population, the fields they received their degree in, and their earnings.

How Much Are We Worth? Household Wealth and Asset Ownership
This brief examines the wealth holdings (net worth) of households in 1988.

Children’s Well-Being: An International Comparison
This brief presents comparable international statistics on the status of children and youth under age 25 in the United States and in 15 other countries.


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