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Census Briefs

Census Briefs provide, in a series of succinct reports, data on topics of current interest. Presented in narrative style accompanied by charts and tables, the reports summarize data from current economic and demographic surveys. Each brief also includes sources of additional information on the discussed topic.

Prior to November 1996, Census Briefs were called Statistical Briefs. Beginning in December, 1996, the Statistical Briefs series were redesigned and reissued as Census Briefs.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology
This brief presents the results of a first-time Census Bureau survey that explores the prevalence of technology among major U.S. manufacturers.

Persons Needing Assistance with Everyday Activities
This brief provides the latest information on the need for personal assistance with everyday activities such as dressing, meal preparation, housework, etc.

Demographic Survey
What Does It Cost to Mind the Kids?
This brief provides the latest information from the U.S. Census Bureau on child care costs.

Health Insurance Coverage: The Haves and Have-Nots
This brief examines health insurance coverage over time and describes the characteristics of persons who have insurance and of those who do not.

New Homes
This Brief looks at homes less than 4 years old in 1987 and discusses how Americans' preferences changed in housing characteristics.

Time Off for Babies: Maternity Leave Arrangements
This Brief describes the maternity leave arrangements that American working women have used for the birth of their first child.

Hispanics in the United States
This Brief describes the social and economic characteristics of Hispanics in the United States and of the groups that together form the Hispanic population.

Spotlight on Small Farms
This Brief profiles small farms and their Operators using information from the 1987 and prior censuses of agriculture.

Blacks in America
This Brief, based on recent data collected in ongoing surveys, touches on a few of the changes Black Americans have experienced during the 1980's.

Housing Arrangements of the Elderly
The data in this Brief cover those elderly who owned or rented their living quarters.

Demographic Survey
The Revolving Door of Poverty
This Brief uses data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) to provide a glimpse of how the poor population changes from year to year.


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