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2010 Census Shipboard Enumeration Operation Assessment Report

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2010 Census Planning Memo No. 189

Executive Summary

The purpose of the 2010 Census Shipboard Enumeration Operation Assessment is to document the results of the enumeration for historical and informational purposes, as well as to provide best practices that can be used during the next planning cycle to support the 2020 Census Shipboard Enumeration Operation. The assessment will also describe the major issues that occurred during the operation and how these issues were resolved. Lastly, the assessment will provide recommendations for future enumeration of individuals residing on vessels.

Major Highlights

  • Vessel universe totaled 1,071 military and maritime vessels
  • 88,479 Form D-23, Shipboard Census Reports were data captured by the Decennial Response Integration System at the National Processing Center
  • 36,615 Form D-23, Shipboard Census Reports contained a “usual home elsewhere” address that matched to a geocodable address and were removed from the Shipboard Enumeration
  • In total, 51,864 individuals were tabulated on 434 military and maritime vessels for the 2010 Census which completed all processing, checks and edits. (i.e., 49,473 on 259 military vessels and 2,391 on 175 maritime vessels)
  • 29 percent of the planned budget was used  


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