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The American Indian Population: 2000

Report Number MSO/01-AI/AN

Percent of Population for One or More Races

Census 2000 showed that the United States population on April 1, 2000, was 281.4 million. Of the total, 4.1 million people, or 1.5 percent, reported as American Indians and Alaska Natives. This number includes 2.5 million people, or 0.9 percent, who reported only American Indian and Alaska Native in addition to 1.6 million people, or 0.6 percent, who reported American Indian and Alaska Native as well as one or more other races. Census 2000 asked separate questions on race and Hispanic or Latino origin. Hispanics who reported their race as American Indian and Alaska Native, either alone or in combination with one or more races, are included in the numbers for American Indians and Alaska Natives.

The term "American Indian and Alaska Native" refers to people having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America) and who maintain tribal affiliation or community attachment. It includes people who reported "American Indian and Alaska Native" or wrote in their principal or enrolled tribe.


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