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Strength in Numbers: Your Guide to Census 2000—Puerto Rico Redistricting Data From the U.S. Census Bureau

Report Number DMD/01-SIN

Once every 10 years, the people of Puerto Rico stand up to be counted. Downtown and out-of-town, in the mountains and on the farms, we speak up and let our governments know that we intend to be represented in the decisions they make.

The census gives us an opportunity to be part of the democratic process. Census numbers ensure that our representative districts—for Puerto Rico legislatures and in our municipio governments—reflect our numbers, north or south, east or west.

This brochure explains where census numbers came from and the role they have in the way Puerto Rico redraw the boundaries of its legislative districts. We look in particular at the maps and numbers that the government and others get from the Census Bureau and use in redistricting.


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