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Statistical Brief: Housing in Metropolitan Areas — Renter Financial Characteristics

Report Number SB/94-19

Looking to rent a home without spending a small fortune? Don’t mind moving to a small metro area! Then read this Brief closely. It will give you an idea of where to look and where not to.

This Brief is one of a series that uses data collected in the 1990 Census of Population and Housing to examine the characteristics of housing in America’s metropolitan areas (MA’s). It compares how much renters in different MA’s spent on gross rent in 1990; it also looks at the share of their 1989 household income they spent on gross rent. Gross rent refers to the monthly rent agreed to, plus the amount spent on utilities. These data exclude those renting single-family houses on lots of 10 acres or more.

The MA’s used here correspond to the definitions that were in place in 1990. The count of 335 MA’s equals the total number of MSA’s (metropolitan statistical areas) and PMSA’s (primary metropolitan statistical areas). PMSA’s are aggregated into consolidated metropolitan statistical areas, not discussed in this Brief.


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