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Statistical Brief: New Homes

Report Number SB/94-14

On April 1, 1990 (Census Day), there was a 1-in-9 chance your home was “new” – that is, one of the 11.2 million that had been built after 1984.

America’s newly constructed homes are the focus of this Brief. Using data collected in the Census of Population and Housing, it examines the characteristics of these units and their occupants in 1990 and how these characteristics differed from those of all homes. Where these new homes were located, their affordability, and type are among the topics covered, as are the age and income levels of their occupants. Various changes since 1980 are investigated too. (The 1980 census defined new homes as year-round units that had been built in 1975 or later, up to March 1980.)


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