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Statistical Brief: Household Wealth and Asset Ownership: 1991

Report Number SB/94-2

Income (the flow of resources to a consumer entity) is an important measure of a household’s economic well-being. However, it does not tell the entire story. To get a more complete picture of well-being, one must examine wealth (the level of resources available at any point in time).

Using data collected by the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) between January and April 1991, this Brief takes a look at median household net worth (wealth), i.e., the value of assets covered in the survey minus any debts. (The box on the back of this Brief details the types of assets and debts covered.) Data for different types of households are compared in this Brief. In addition, the 1991 figures are compared with similar data collected by SIPP in Spring 1988.


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