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Characteristics of American Indians by Tribe and Language

Report Number CP-3-7
Characteristics of American Indians by Tribe and Language: 1990

Presents social, economic, and housing data on American Indian tribes. The report also features, by geographic area, a detailed account of languages spoken at home. (The Algonquian language group alone is shown in 21 categories.) The report also includes language spoken, with data by sex and age, for more general language groupings.

Tables typically provide data by tribe, and occasionally tribe by geographic areas such as States.

The report provides data on the following general 100-percent population topics: age, family, household relationship, marital status, and sex. The report shows age in up to 25 categories suggesting the degree of detail on general population topics.

The report also cites additional subjects found only in sample population data. Social topics include the following: disability, education (enrollment and attainment), fertility, migration (residence in 1985), and veteran status. The report profiles educational attainment in 15 categories suggesting the degree of detail on sample social topics.

Economic characteristics cover labor force (including employment and unemployment), industry and occupation, and work experience and income in 1989. Income data, aside from poverty, are shown by type of income and family. The report provides 11 categories for household income, suggesting the degree of detail on sample economic topics.

Housing data are shown for households, with separate statistics for married couples and female householders with no husband present. The report includes the general housing topic, number of rooms in the unit, in 10 categories.

The report also cites additional housing subjects found only in the sample data. Data cover the following topics: bedrooms, plumbing and kitchen facilities, vehicles available, and water source. Data are shown on the number of bedrooms in six categories, suggesting the degree of detail for sample housing data.

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