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1990 Census of Population and Housing: Population & Housing Characteristics for Congressional Districts of the 103rd Congress (CPH-4)

Report Number CPH-4

One report for each State and the District of Columbia showing population and housing data for Congressional Districts, counties, places of 10,000 or more inhabitants, and minor civil division’s (MCD’s) of 10,000 or more inhabitants in selected States within each Congressional District.

Population characteristics

Age (19 categories), including voting age persons by race; ancestry; citizenship; class of worker; disability; educational attainment; family type and presence of children; fertility; group quarters; Hispanic origin; household type and relationship; income in 1989; (other income categories are median income per person, household, family, and nonfamily household); industry; labor force status, including for persons 16 to 19 years by school enrollment and educational attainment; labor force status in 1989, including weeks and hours worked; land area; language spoken at home and ability to speak English; marital status; means of transportation to work; migration (residence in 1985), nativity; occupation; period of military service; place of birth; population density; poverty status in 1989; race; residence in 1985; school enrollment and type of school; sex; urban, rural, and farm residence (persons); veteran status; workers in family in 1989.

Housing characteristics

Age of householder; bedrooms (six categories); condominium status; contract rent; gross rent; Hispanic origin of householder; house heating fuel; household income in 1989; household type and relationship; householder 65 years and over; kitchen facilities; land area; meals included in rent; mortgage status and selected monthly owner costs; persons per room; persons in unit; persons per unit; plumbing facilities; race of householder; rooms; sewage disposal; source of water; telephone in unit; tenure (housing owned or rented), including tenure by race and Hispanic origin of householder; units in structure; vacancy characteristics; value; vehicles available; year householder moved into unit; year structure built.

Table 1. General Characteristics of Persons: 1990

Table 2. Age: 1990

Table 3. Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: 1990

Table 4. Household, Family, and Group Quarters Characteristics: 1990

Table 5. Land Area and Population Density: 1990

Table 6. Selected Population Characteristics for American Indian and Alaskan Native Areas: 1990

Table 7. General Characteristics of Housing Units: 1990

Table 8. Structural and Vacancy Characteristics: 1990

Table 9. Occupancy and Financial Characteristics for Owner-Occupied Housing Units: 1990

Table 10. Occupancy and Financial Characteristics for Renter-Occupied Housing Units: 1990

Table 11. Occupied Housing Units by Race and Hispanic Origin of Householder: 1990

Table 12. Selected Housing and Household Characteristics and Land Area for American Indian and Alaska Native Areas: 1990

Table 13. General, Family, and Fertility Characteristics: 1990