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Male-Female Differences in Work Experience, Occupation, and Earnings: 1984

Report Number P70-10


This report presents data on differences between men and women in lifetime labor force attachment, occupation, and earnings. The information was collected from a sample of approximately 20,000 households in May, June. July, and August 1984 as part of the Survey of Income Program Participation (SIPP).

The questions about work experience were asked only of persons 21 to 64 years old. Respondents were asked to remember and report on certain labor force statuses for a period covering the person's adult work life (21 years of age and older). In some instances, information was obtained from a proxy respondent rather than the sample person. In order to reduce the effect of recall error, respondents were asked to identify only those changes in status that persisted for 6 months or longer. The questions on work experience and job tenure are reproduced in appendix C. The data on differences between the sexes in work experience and earnings are for persons with wage or salary income. Data are also provided, for comparison, on characteristics of persons with no earnings, that is, persons who were not in the labor force or who were unemployed during the month preceeding the interview month.


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