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Annaul Mean Income, Lifetime Income, and Educational Attainment of Men in the United States for Selected Years, 1956 to 1972

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Report Number P60-92


This report presents educational attainment and income data for selected years from 1956 to 1972 assembled from information collected in the Current Population Survey. It updates the information previously published for the period up to 1968 in Current Population Reports, Series P-60, No. 74 and No. 56. Educational attainment estimates in this report are limited to men with income and accordingly differ slightly from general education statistics relating to all men which are presented in table F. Included in the report are annual mean income and estimates of expected lifetime income in current dollars and in constant (1972) dollars, by educational attainment and age group, for all males and for male year-round full-time workers. In addition, procedures used to prepare lifetime income estimates, definitions and explanations of terms, and sources of data are included.

Prior to 1967, mean incomes and lifetime income estimates were computed on grouped data.1 However, improved methodology introduced in 1967 permits the computation of data based on the use of actual income amounts in preparing the estimates. Therefore, for the years 1967 and 1968, lifetime income estimates and mean incomes of men are based on both grouped and ungrouped data to illustrate the differences engendered by the two estimation procedures. For more detailed explanation, see Current Population Reports, Series P-60, No. 74, "Annual Mean Income, Lifetime Income, and Education Attainment of Men in the United States, For Selected Years, 1956 to 1968," pages 20 to 22. It should be noted that since the estimates are based on a sample, they are subject to sampling variability. Moreover, as in all field surveys of income, the figures are subject to errors of response and nonreporting. Data on consumer income collected by the Bureau of the Census cover money income only (exclusive of certain money receipts such as capital gains) prior to deduction fortaxes.

1 Estimates based on a series of estimated mean values for specific income class intervals. The mean income was obtained from a summation of the product of the average income and the proportion of males for each income level.

A Note on Language

Census statistics date back to 1790 and reflect the growth and change of the United States. Past census reports contain some terms that today’s readers may consider obsolete and inappropriate. As part of our goal to be open and transparent with the public, we are improving access to all Census Bureau original publications and statistics, which serve as a guide to the nation's history.

Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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