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1960 Census: Population, Supplementary Reports: Population, Age of the Foreign Stock by Country of Origin


The table presented here is a preprint of table 9 from Final Report PC(2)-lA, which contains additional information on the detailed characteristics of the foreign stock.

In 1960 almost one out of every five persons in the United States was of foreign stock, that is, either foreign born or native with one or both parents foreign born. Of the 34 million persons of foreign stock, approximately 10 million were foreign born and the remaining 24 million were natives whose mother or father or both were foreign born.

The high average age of both the foreign-born population and the native population of foreign or mixed parentage reflects the decline in immigration over the past four decades. The median age of the foreign-born population was 57 years, about 14 years higher than the median age (43 years) of natives of foreign parentage and 33 years above the median age of natives of native parentage (24 years).

The youngest nationality group, in terms of median age, was made up of persons of Mexican origin. Here, immigration not subject to quota restrictions has resulted in a continuous replenishment of the population in the younger ages. Over half of the population born in Mexico was under 45 years of age in contrast with less than a third of that of the entire foreign-born population in the United States.

The PDF to the right contains the 12-page report.


A Note on Language

Census statistics date back to 1790 and reflect the growth and change of the United States. Past census reports contain some terms that today’s readers may consider obsolete and inappropriate. As part of our goal to be open and transparent with the public, we are improving access to all Census Bureau original publications and statistics, which serve as a guide to the nation's history.

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