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1900 Census: Bulletins

Issued from: October 6, 1900 to October 20, 1902

The Census Bureau issued hundreds of bulletins from decennial censuses 1880 through 1960. Bulletins contain preliminary results - first tabultions of census returns - and many were unbound. Because the Census Bureau revised and corrected the results prior to incorporation into final reports, some bulletins are unavailable, at least from the Census Bureau library.

The peak years for publishing bulletins were 1890, 1900, 1910, and 1920. In 1890, the Census Bureau issued 384 bulletins. Most were first tabulations, 25 were about forestry, and the rest were Extra Census Bulletins covering things like geographic area, cotton production, manufacturing of fire-arms and ammunition, life insurance, etc.

On these web pages you will find all available bulletins from a decennial census grouped by selected topic.

  • Agriculture
  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Manufacturing & Industry
  • Operations
Page Last Revised - September 16, 2022
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