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2022 BAS Maps

The 2022 Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) maps display legal boundaries and names for all governments, as reported through the 2021 BAS.

These reference maps are a government-based map series and are created for the following legal geographies: counties or county equivalents, minor civil divisions, places, consolidated cities, American Indian areas/Alaska Native areas and Hawaiian home lands. For more detailed information about the 2022 BAS maps and their naming conventions, please visit the File Naming Conventions page.

Maps for Tribal Areas

Access Maps for American Indian areas and Hawaiian home lands:

Maps for United States and Puerto Rico

NOTE:  Some of the maps are very large files and downloading time for these will depend on your internet access speed.

Consolidated Cities

Access consolidated cities maps for the following states:


Map Viewing Tips: These maps were designed to be viewed with Adobe Reader (version 6 or later), which is available free from Adobe. These maps are large and use complex symbology, such as wave pattern fill for water bodies. If a browser opens them in another PDF reader, the screen display may not accurately reproduce the map. For best viewing in Adobe Reader, uncheck the “Enhance thin lines” option, found under the Edit tab: Preferences > Category: Page Display > Rendering section.

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