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117th Congressional District Wall Maps

The congressional district map suite includes three map types (national, state-based, and congressional district-based) that depict the congressional districts in effect for the 117th Congress of the United States (January 2021-2023). North Carolina had congressional district boundary changes for the 117th Congress.

National 117th Congressional District Wall Map

This wall map (44.5 by 33 inches) depicts congressional district boundaries in effect for the 117th Congress of the United States. The map includes county names and boundaries for each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The map also includes a listing of the names of all members of the 117th Congress, as of January 21, 2021.

State-Based and Congressional District-Based Maps

The state and congressional district-based reference maps display the congressional district boundaries and related geographies. Map content (geographic areas and features) varies based on the size and complexity of the specific state or congressional district. Each map also includes entity specific profile information based on American Community Survey (ACS) data. The map size is 27 by 40 inches.

Exception for North Carolina

Boundary changes for the 117th congressional districts were not collected by the Census Bureau, as described in Congressional and State Legislative Districts in Geographic Products. North Carolina’s congressional district boundaries for these maps were derived from block equivalency files from the North Carolina General Assembly webpage. Profile information for the North Carolina congressional district-based maps is limited to population density since the Census Bureau has not tabulated American Community Survey (ACS) data for the 117th congressional districts in North Carolina. 


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