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2010 Census School District Reference Maps

These reference maps show and label the unified, secondary, and elementary school districts as delineated by the state participants of the School District Review Program. These county-based maps also show the boundaries and names of American Indian reservations, states, counties, and places. Additionally, these maps display a base feature network including roads and water bodies. Major highways and selected water bodies are labeled. Each county is covered by one or more parent map sheets at a single scale. Inset map sheets at larger scales were created where there are clusters of school districts that cannot be identified at the parent map scale. An index map showing the sheet configuration is included for all counties requiring more than one parent map sheet. For the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, and West Virginia, where school districts are coextensive with counties, a state-based map identifying the counties and corresponding school districts was produced. The map sheet size is 36 by 32 inches.

Each set of county-based school district reference maps is accompanied by a School District to Map Sheet relationship file. These semi-colon delimited text files include a record for each school district within the county or state, consisting of the type, code, and name of the district, and a list of all map sheet numbers that the district appears on.

2010 Census School District Reference Maps File Naming Convention

The file names for the county-based School District Reference Map are composed as follows:

DC10SD_C<SS><CCC>_<###>.pdf where:

  • <SS> is the 2 digit state FIPS code,
  • <CCC> is the 3 digit county FIPS code
  • <###> is the map sheet number.
    • Index sheets are numbered '000'.
    • Parent sheets are numbered '001' through '999'.
    • Inset sheets are numbered 'A01' through 'Z99'.

File names of the state-based School District Reference Map for District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, and West Virginia are composed as follows:

DC10SD_S<SS>_001.pdf, where <SS> is the 2 digit state FIPS code.

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