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2015 Planning Database

The 2015 Planning Database contains selected 2010 Census and selected 2009-2013 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates. Data are provided at both the census block group and the tract levels of geography. The Planning Database (PDB) assembles a range of housing, demographic, socioeconomic, and census operational data that can be used for survey and census planning. In addition to variables extracted from the census and ACS databases, operational variables include the 2010 Census Mail Return Rate for each block group and tract.

New to the 2015 PDB is the 2009-2013 5 year ACS estimates for health insurance coverage. In addition, as in the 2014 PDB, the Low Response Score (LRS) is provided that is similar in purpose to the Hard-to-Count scores issued after past censuses. This score identifies block groups and tracts whose characteristics predict low census mail return rate and are highly correlated (negatively) with census and survey participation. A discussion of the LRS methodology can be found below. The PDB data is also available in API format.

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