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2020 Census Race and Ethnicity Data: The Detailed DHC-A Proof of Concept


Learn more about the release of the Proof of Concept for the 2020 Census Detailed Demographic and Housing Characteristics File A (Detailed DHC-A). The Detailed DHC-A will provide population counts and age and sex statistics for detailed racial and ethnic groups and American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and villages. The Proof of Concept, scheduled for release on January 31, 2023, outlines how the product’s differentially private algorithm, called SafeTab-P, uses an adaptive design that determines the amount of data racial and ethnic groups receive based on group size and geography level while ensuring sufficient confidentiality protections.

The Proof of Concept will include examples using detailed and regional racial and ethnic groups. Detailed disaggregated groups include groups such as Puerto Rican, Chinese, the Navajo Nation, Samoan, etc., while regional groups include groups such as Caribbean, East Asian, American Indian, Pacific Islander, etc.

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