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Live and recorded classes led by Census Bureau instructors on a variety of topics.

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Status Update: Upcoming 2020 Census Data Products
Join Census Bureau subject matter experts for an update on plans for upcoming data products.

Business and Economy
DDTC IT Modernization Discussion on Submitting Amendments
This session covers general guidelines when submitting Amendments to Registrations and Licensing forms, to ensure prompt processing.

Improved Navigation on data.census.gov
In this webinar we unveil all new and improved features in data.census.gov for navigation, filtering, and mapping.

2020 American Community Survey 1-Year Experimental Data Release
This webinar examines all 2020 American Community Survey 1-year experimental data products.

Methodology Updates for the Vintage 2021 Estimates
We invite you to learn more about the methodology of our "blended base" and other anticipated changes for Vintage 2021 and beyond.

Census Data Tools (Part 2 of 2)
Learn about Census Trade Data Tools for expanding business opportunities globally.

Census Data Tools (Part 1 of 2)
Learn about several Census Data Tools for expanding business opportunities domestically and internationally.

3 Graphs and 2 Maps About Jobs and Telework During the Coronavirus
This webinar looks at neighborhood-level telework potential and its relationship with income and population density.

Modernizing Construction Indicators
This webinar reviews the U.S. Census Bureau’s vision for the future of construction.

Business and Economy
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Partner Webinar
This Spanish language webinar features Hispanic-owned manufacturers/owners sharing their export success stories.

data.census.gov News and Updates: October 2021
In this session, we provide updates on the new options to select collections of geographies in bulk, improved table ID search, and messaging enhancements.

Supply Chain
Learn how your company can improve operations, reduce costs, and mitigate risk through effective supply chain management!

Business and Economy
Introducing Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) Explorer
This webinar introduces the BDS Explorer - a new - web-based analysis tool that enables comprehensive access to the full depth and breadth of the BDS dataset.

Early Stage Manufacturers/Accelerators
This webinar explores the idea phase, commercialization, and global growth journey of early stage manufacturers.

How You Can Leverage Census Bureau’s New Building Permit Visualization Tool
This webinar demonstrates how anyone can engage this tool to understand building permit trends across one or multiple markets.

Manufacturing Day Kick Off Event
We celebrate Manufacturing Day and feature export success stories from rural or minority-owned manufacturers.

Planning for Upcoming 2020 Census Data Products
Join Alexandra Krause of the Census Bureau's Population Division to learn more about the 2020 Data Product Planning Crosswalk.

How Academics Can Leverage The New Building Permit Visualization Tool
This webinar demonstrates how the academic community can engage this tool to create visualizations that will support their analysis and scholarly articles.

Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Manufacturing
This webinar dives into business data on the manufacturing industry and explores the relationship of manufacturing with other sectors of the economy.

Cigarette Smoking and Cause-Specific Adult Mortality in the United States
Speaker: Joseph Lariscy, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Memphis

Business and Economy
The Critical Role of the Economic Census Bridge
This webinar explores the Economic Census Bridge and Comparative reports that provide useful NAICS-based data.

2020 Census Redistricting Data and How to Find it on data.census.gov
In this webinar session, participants will enjoy a demonstration of various examples on how to navigate the data.census.gov and access redistricting data.

Childhood Poverty and The Child Tax Credit
This webinar features Census Bureau data about households with children experiencing poverty and how the Child Tax Credit can help.

Business and Economy
Register with DDTC via DECCS: Tips, Tricks, and Tradecraft Webinar
Please join DDTC's IT Modernization team and DDTC-Compliance/Registration specialists for a discussion on submitting Registration Renewals and Amendments.

Job Opportunity Tool
This presentation dives into how Redfin used a combination of public and private data to create the Redfin Opportunity Score.

Business and Economy
Franchising in America: Key Data from the 2017 Economic Census
This webinar provides an overview of the data published in the 2017 Economic Census Franchise Statistics report.

Recent Cross County Commuting Patterns
This presentation explores different analyses of cross-county commuting patterns in North Carolina.

Explaining Monthly State Retail Sales, An Experimental Data Product
The Monthly State Retail Sales (MSRS) is a new experimental data product featuring modeled, state-level retail sales.

Leveraging Census Bureau’s New Building Permit Visualization Tool
This webinar demonstrates how builders, suppliers and developers can create visualizations that will assist their planning and growth strategies.

data.census.gov Updates: August 2021
In our August webinar, we provide updates on the enhanced header, new options for large tables, improved mapping visualization, and defect resolutions.

Census Bureau Sources for American Indian and Alaska Native Research
In this webinar, we explore the information available from the decennial censuses and the censuses of American Indians conducted by the Census Bureau.

Business and Economy
Using LODES Data to Explore the Impact of the CARES Act
This presentation illustrates how increased granularity provides a more nuanced interpretation of impact and more.

Business and Economy
Exploring Census Data: Expanding Your Markets
Subject matter experts present economic and demographic data valuable for business expansion, both domestically and internationally.

Understanding Legal and Administrative Geography for Data Users
This webinar defines the various legal and administrative geographies catalogued by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Analysis of Demonstration Data for Redistricting and Voting Rights Act
Analysis of reliability and fitness-for-use of the Disclosure Avoidance System for redistricting and Voting Rights Act enforcement using the chosen settings.

Data Summit: Census Bureau Data for Migrant Workers
This webinar will provide guidance on the utilization of resources on the census.gov as it pertains to migrant workers and those that serve these communities.

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