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Live and recorded classes led by Census Bureau instructors on a variety of topics.

Population & Housing Characteristics Resources

View Census Academy resources about the topic of Population & Housing Characteristics including Data Gems, courses, and webinars.

Population & Housing Characteristics Data Gems

How to Access, Map, and Compare Detailed Veteran Data
Learn how to access our tables that contain veteran data, including the Veteran Profile from the ACS and the veteran business ownership data from the ABS.
How to Access Population Estimates for Cities and Towns
This Data Gem shows you how to find data from the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program for cities and towns.
Find What Survey Has the Data You Need with Census Survey Explorer
This Data Gem will use practical real-life examples to teach you how search our surveys with the Census Survey Explorer.
How to Access Income Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem covers some basic information about how different types of income (personal, household, and family) are measured.
How to Access Poverty Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem also helps you understand what data are found in the Official Poverty Measure versus the Supplemental Poverty Measure.
How Do I Access Data for My Neighborhood from the Redistricting Files?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to access data about your neighborhood from the 2020 Census redistricting files for tracts and blocks.
Can I Compare 2020 Census and 2010 Census Redistricting Data?
In this Data Gem, you will learn a few tips about comparing 2020 Census and 2010 Census Redistricting data.
How Can I Access 2020 Census Redistricting Data?
In this Data Gem, you will discover three valuable resources to access these data. You will also learn about when to use one tool versus the others.
How Do I Access GQ Data from the 2020 Census Redistricting Data?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to access Group Quarters population data from the 2020 Census Redistricting Data Files.
How Can I Access Data about Race and Ethnic Diversity?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to access race and ethnic diversity data in 2010 and 2020 using an interactive data visualization.
How Can I Visualize Data for the Adult and Children Population?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to identify trends for states and counties for the adult and under-age 18 population.
How Can I Visualize Race and Hispanic Origin Data?
This Data Gem will teach you how to use an interactive data visualization to identify trends for the nation, state, and county.
How to Visualize Population and Housing Trends Between 2020 and 2010
This Data Gem will introduce how to access population and housing data for your state, county, and metro area from the 2020 Census.
How to Visualize 2020 Census Redistricting Data for Your Area
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to use the 2020 Census Demographic Data Map Viewer to easily visualize 2020 Redistricting Data for your area.
What Data Can You Access from P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data Files?
In this Data Gem, you will learn what redistricting is, what P.L. 94-171 is, what data are available in redistricting data files, and more.
How to Download the Complete Set of 2020 Census Redistricting Files
In this Data Gem you will learn where to locate and download the full 2020 Census Redistricting P.L.94-171 data files for you state.
What Are Census Blocks?
In this Data Gem, we will take you on a field trip around a Census Block, discuss its features, and show you how to select blocks when accessing data.
How to Use the COVID-19 Data Hub
This Data Gem will explore the new COVID-19 Hub and the resource page developed by the Census Bureau.
How to Access Data for Your Neighborhood in Just a Few Clicks
Using census tracts, you can select the boundaries of your area and access demographic, socioeconomic, and housing statistics about your community.
Births, Deaths, Migration: How We Estimate the Population in the U.S.
Have you wonder how the Census Bureau estimates how many people are living in the United States? In this Data Gem we will break it down for you.
How to Access Data About the Hispanic Population on data.census.gov
Learn tricks to easily access data on the Hispanic population using data.census.gov.
How to Access Race Data on data.census.gov
Explore Census data by race with these tricks on data.census.gov.
How to Access an ACS Data Profile about Your Community
Learn how to access socioeconomic, housing, and demographic statistics for your area at data.census.gov.
What’s up with the PopClock?
Watch this Data Gems to learn how fast the U.S. and world populations are growing.

Population & Housing Characteristics Courses

Population & Housing Characteristics Webinars

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The Disproportionate Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Women in the Workforce

Learn which industries were heavily impacted, how the impacts to women differed by state, and what recovery looks like due to the pandemic.

2020 Census Race and Ethnicity Data: The Detailed DHC-A Proof of Concept

Learn more about the release of the Proof of Concept for the 2020 Census Detailed Demographic and Housing Characteristics File A (Detailed DHC-A).

Methodology Updates for the Vintage 2022 Estimates

Learn about how the Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program recently adapted its methodology for developing the annual population estimates.

Decennial and Population Estimates

Learn about the different ways in which administrative data are used and are not used in the decennial and population estimates.

Using Administrative Data to Help Understand the U.S. Economy and Its People

The focus is on innovative, important, and less well-known programs using administrative data at the Census Bureau.

Veteran Data by the Numbers

Learn how to access the most up-to-date demographic, socioeconomic, housing, and business statistics about our Veterans.

Accessing American Indian and Alaska Native Statistics

Learn how to access demographic, socioeconomic, and housing data about American Indian & Alaska Native populations, reservations, and trust lands.

2021 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates Pre-Release Webinar

This webinar explains how to access data and online resources from the 2021 American Community Survey (ACS) set to be publicly released on Sept. 15.

The American Community Survey: A Comprehensive Look

Learn about basics of the yearly estimates and datasets produced from the ACS, resources available on our website, and how to access ACS data products.

Introduction to the American Community Survey

Discover the detailed social, economic, housing, and demographic statistics that the American Community Survey Office provides for yearly for every community.

Women and Minority Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Find out how the Census Bureau measures key information about businesses and industries in this overview of our social and economic programs.

OnTheMap for Emergency Management

This tool provides a web-based interface for accessing U.S. population and workforce statistics, in real-time, for areas being affected by natural disasters.

Census Data Tools for Equity and Identifying Underserved Communities

This webinar introduces the U.S. Census Bureau’s new data explorer tool, My Community Explorer (MCE).

Introduction to American Community Survey Group Quarters Data

This webinar explains the different Group Quarter (GQ) classifications and provides an overview of the American Community Survey (ACS) GQ Data.

Your Community by the Numbers: Data for Community Development

Learn how to use data.census.gov to access the most current and relevant demographic, socioeconomic, and housing statistics about your community.

Providing Local Communities with the Data They Need

Patrick Hewitt presents how Cuyahoga County Planning Commission uses Census data for its local community.

Exploring Census Data: Construction

Learn about the different types of data available in this sector to include construction spending, building permits, characteristics of new housing, and more.

Puerto Rico – Spanish

Learn what data is available for Puerto Rico and how to access them online and download your results using our data retrieval tools.

Puerto Rico – English

Learn what data is available for Puerto Rico and how to access them online and download your results using our data retrieval tools.

A Bold New Approach to Create Official Statistics

This presentation provides the latest updates on a research project studying a bold new approach for creating official statistics.

A Discussion on the Latest 2020 Post-Enumeration Survey Results

Join us for a presentation on the latest Post-Enumeration Survey data showing which states have an undercount or overcount of their total population.

Exploring Census Data: Health Care

The session includes how to find key data from the specific surveys, and discover gems and resources connected to the Economic Census statistics.

Using Census Data to Understand Youth Employment

This webinar examines several key youth employment trends utilizing several publicly available data sources.

Data on a Deadline for Journalists

This training is designed to give reporters an overview of the power of Census Bureau data for storytelling.

Your Community by the Numbers: Ancestry, and Foreign-Born Populations

Learn about how to access data from the Census Bureau on the foreign-born and ancestry groups using a variety of online tools available at data.census.gov.

Comparing the American Community Survey and Current Population Survey

Staff from the ACS and CPS go over the differences in methodology and data collection operations between each survey.

Your Community by the Numbers: Race and Ethnicity

Learn how to access data from the Census Bureau on race and ethnicity, using a variety of online tools.

New Insight for Linking Census Data with Vital Record Statistics

In this presentation, Graif examines how commuting ties are associated with neighborhood maternal and child health problems.

2016-2020 American Community Survey 5-year Estimates Webinar

The purpose of the webinar was to show participants how to access the data and how to compare geographies and statistics over time.

Using Population Estimates and Projections

Learn how the Census Bureau can estimate the population and how it is able to provide projections for the coming years.

Initial Impact of COVID-19 on Travel, Tourism, Outdoor Recreation

Examine how workers employed in travel, tourism, and outdoor recreation across the country were affected by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial Reporting Quality and Wage Differentials

Speaker: Dr. Sara Malik, Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University of Utah

2020 American Community Survey 1-Year Experimental Data Release

This webinar examines all 2020 American Community Survey 1-year experimental data products.

Methodology Updates for the Vintage 2021 Estimates

We invite you to learn more about the methodology of our "blended base" and other anticipated changes for Vintage 2021 and beyond.

Modernizing Construction Indicators

This webinar reviews the U.S. Census Bureau’s vision for the future of construction.

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Partner Webinar

This Spanish language webinar features Hispanic-owned manufacturers/owners sharing their export success stories.

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