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Live and recorded classes led by Census Bureau instructors on a variety of topics.

Business & Economy Resources

View Census Academy resources about the topic of Business & Economy including Data Gems, courses, and webinars.

Business & Economy Data Gems

How to Access Retail Sales Data for the Nation and States
In this Data Gem, we demonstrate the Monthly State Retail Sales Tool, which easily allows you to compare year-over-year retail data by sector.
How to Access, Map, and Compare Detailed Veteran Data
Learn how to access our tables that contain veteran data, including the Veteran Profile from the ACS and the veteran business ownership data from the ABS.
PART 2: How to Create an Area Comparison Analysis to Visualize Jobs
Learn how to visualize the comparison of the counts of workers employed or living in each area within your primary selected area in OnTheMap.
How to Access Income Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem covers some basic information about how different types of income (personal, household, and family) are measured.
How to Access Poverty Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem also helps you understand what data are found in the Official Poverty Measure versus the Supplemental Poverty Measure.
How to Use the COVID-19 Data Hub
This Data Gem will explore the new COVID-19 Hub and the resource page developed by the Census Bureau.
How Do I Get Business Data for My Location?
If you are looking to open or expand your business, check this tip to learn how to access statistics about your market, customers, and other businesses.
How to Create a Business Data Report
How to download a Business Data Report about your market using the Census Business Builder.

Business & Economy Courses

Business & Economy Webinars

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Exploring Census Data: Emergency Management

Presenters will dive into business expense data along with information on the workers within business sectors.

Exploring Census Data: Using Census Data to Guide Business Decisions

Presenters will dive into business expense data along with information on the workers within business sectors.

What do Unions do? Wages, Incentives, and Investments

Speaker: Liu Yang, University of Maryland

2022 Economic Census Informational Webinar

Our webinar introduces the 2022 Economic Census including information requested and how you, as a trusted voice, can help promote response in your communities.

How to Make a Data-Driven Business Plan Using Census Bureau Data

This webinar will guide attendees through the key economic surveys and programs that will be helpful in forming a business plan.

2023 Commercial Outlook Businesses, Banks, and International Trade

Join our discussion on factors that will impact capital markets, small business exporters, and the world economy.

First Quarterly Workforce Indicators for Puerto Rico

In late September, the U.S. Census Bureau released the first QWI for Puerto Rico, providing rich demographic profiles of the island’s employment.

Impacts of the Pandemic Recession and Re-Employment in Oregon

The U.S. Census Bureau and the LED Partnership welcomes Gail Krumenauer as she presents, “Impacts of the Pandemic Recession and Re-Employment in Oregon.

Using Administrative Data to Help Understand the U.S. Economy and Its People

The focus is on innovative, important, and less well-known programs using administrative data at the Census Bureau.

Exploring Census Data: Professional, Personal, and Other Services Sectors

The session includes how to find key data and crucial information while discovering gems and resources connected to the statistics.

Child Care over the Business Cycle

Jessica Brown and Chris Herbst estimate the impact of macroeconomic conditions on the child care market.

Exploring Census Data Webinar: Public Sector

This webinar goes over data available from the public sector to include tax statistics, employment, pensions, and state and local government finances.

Effects of Minimum Wage Laws on Tipping, Employment, and Prices

Stinson presents a study of the impact of two types of minimum wages, regular and tipped credit, on the outcomes of restaurants and their workers.

Exploring Census Data Webinar: Retail

The session includes how to find key data from retail trade surveys and the American Community Survey.

Exploring Census Data: Construction

Learn about the different types of data available in this sector to include construction spending, building permits, characteristics of new housing, and more.

Celebrating U.S. Small Business in the Global Market Place

Join this webinar to will gain insights from successful exporters who continue to win international business, discover trade information resources, and more.

A Bold New Approach to Create Official Statistics

This presentation provides the latest updates on a research project studying a bold new approach for creating official statistics.

Live Harmonized Schedule (HS) Commodity Classification

This webinar goes over the Harmonized System (HS) Commodity Classification System to help identify which code to properly use on their imports and exports.

Using Census Data to Understand Youth Employment

This webinar examines several key youth employment trends utilizing several publicly available data sources.

Demonstration on Trade Data Tools

International Trade Indicator staff will show data users how to utilize the Census API to seamlessly pull trade information directly into their systems.

American Community Survey Data for Nonprofits

Learn how the American Community Survey (ACS) can be a useful tool for nonprofit organizations and their operations.

Exploring Census Data: Services

Learn how to find key data from the Service Annual Survey and and other surveys using real world examples.

U.S. Earnings Dynamics: Inequality, Mobility, and Volatility

Using data from the Census Bureau’s LEHD infrastructure files, McKinney addresses changes over time in the distribution of real labor earnings.

Data on a Deadline for Journalists

This training is designed to give reporters an overview of the power of Census Bureau data for storytelling.

The Road to Employment Dynamics: OnTheMap

This training is designed for local planners, businesses, and other data users who want to research local workforce and employment trends.

Your Business by the Numbers: Census Business Builder

Learn how to access statistics on the characteristics of customers in your market and businesses in your industry.

Initial Impact of COVID-19 on Travel, Tourism, Outdoor Recreation

Examine how workers employed in travel, tourism, and outdoor recreation across the country were affected by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial Reporting Quality and Wage Differentials

Speaker: Dr. Sara Malik, Assistant Professor of Accounting at the University of Utah


This webinar introduce information on the agency, locations, and the agency’s most prominent censuses and surveys.

DDTC IT Modernization Discussion on Submitting Amendments

This session covers general guidelines when submitting Amendments to Registrations and Licensing forms, to ensure prompt processing.

Census Data Tools (Part 2 of 2)

Learn about Census Trade Data Tools for expanding business opportunities globally.

Census Data Tools (Part 1 of 2)

Learn about several Census Data Tools for expanding business opportunities domestically and internationally.

3 Graphs and 2 Maps About Jobs and Telework During the Coronavirus

This webinar looks at neighborhood-level telework potential and its relationship with income and population density.

Modernizing Construction Indicators

This webinar reviews the U.S. Census Bureau’s vision for the future of construction.

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Partner Webinar

This Spanish language webinar features Hispanic-owned manufacturers/owners sharing their export success stories.

Supply Chain

Learn how your company can improve operations, reduce costs, and mitigate risk through effective supply chain management!

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