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Live and recorded classes led by Census Bureau instructors on a variety of topics.

Business & Economy Resources

View Census Academy resources about the topic of Business & Economy including Data Gems, courses, and webinars.

Business & Economy Data Gems

How to Access Retail Sales Data for the Nation and States
In this Data Gem, we demonstrate the Monthly State Retail Sales Tool, which easily allows you to compare year-over-year retail data by sector.
How to Access, Map, and Compare Detailed Veteran Data
Learn how to access our tables that contain veteran data, including the Veteran Profile from the ACS and the veteran business ownership data from the ABS.
PART 2: How to Create an Area Comparison Analysis to Visualize Jobs
Learn how to visualize the comparison of the counts of workers employed or living in each area within your primary selected area in OnTheMap.
How to Access Income Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem covers some basic information about how different types of income (personal, household, and family) are measured.
How to Access Poverty Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem also helps you understand what data are found in the Official Poverty Measure versus the Supplemental Poverty Measure.
How to Use the COVID-19 Data Hub
This Data Gem will explore the new COVID-19 Hub and the resource page developed by the Census Bureau.
How Do I Get Business Data for My Location?
If you are looking to open or expand your business, check this tip to learn how to access statistics about your market, customers, and other businesses.
How to Create a Business Data Report
How to download a Business Data Report about your market using the Census Business Builder.

Business & Economy Courses

Business & Economy Webinars

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Recent Updates to LODES and OnTheMap

This webinar will discuss the recent data updates, associated application changes, and work through a series of demonstrations using OnTheMap and LODES.

U.S. Census and International Trade Administration Webinar on the Chemical Industry

This webinar with the Census Bureau and International Trade Administration will provide valuable information on the Chemical Industry.

Manufacturers Webinar

This webinar features manufacturers that share their experience in using government agency resources that contributed to successful business operations.

D.C.'s Startup Scene, Part II: Opportunity Costs

This webinar describes how Ms. Arslan uses the LEHD Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) to examine the startup pay gaps in six NAIC industries.

2017 Economic Census First Look: How to Access It On data.census.gov

This webinar provides an overview of the 2017 Economic Census and a demo of how to access the national First Look data on the new data.census.gov platform.

CPS ASEC Data Processing Changes

Data processing changes to take advantage of new CPS ASEC content are now complete, and the changes and implications will be discussed in this webinar.

Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Small & Minority-Owned Business

During this webinar, Census Bureau experts help you understand practical ways to use our small and minority-owned business data and more.

What May Be Driving Growth in the "Gig Economy?"

This webinar describes challenges to measuring the rise and significance of the “gig economy”.

What Causes Labor Turnover to Vary

Learn about hiring and separating predictions borne out in the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) microdata at the economy and firm level.

Accessing Quarterly Workforce Indicators in Census Business Builder

In July 2018, basic data from the QWI at the state and county levels was added to both the Small Business and Regional Analyst Editions of CBB in version 2.4.

Small Business Administration: Financing Export Development Activities

The webinar topic discusses financing export development activities.

SIPP Webinar Series: Jobs

Webinar #3 of this series discusses the jobs content in waves 1 and 2 of the 2014 SIPP, which includes information about jobs held, commuting, and more.

World Trade Month Series: Opportunities in International Development

Gain insights into the work of U.S. development agencies and find opportunities that can grow your business while solving the world’s most pressing problems.

World Trade Month Series: Online Tools for Finding New Markets

Discover the power of data for researching foreign market opportunities through online tools courtesy of the Department of Commerce.

Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Employment

During this webinar, Census Bureau experts help you understand practical ways to use our employment data and more.

World Trade Month Series: Manage Challenges in the Global Marketplace

This webinar provides an overview of techniques and resources to avoid challenges abroad.

OnTheMap: The Road to Local Employment Dynamics

This workshop is designed for data users who want to research local workforce and employment trends.

CPS ASEC Processing Changes and Implications

On May 13th the U.S. Census Bureau invited stakeholders and subject matter experts to discuss and provide feedback on the updated CPS ASEC processing system.

World Trade Month Series: Find New Buyers, Finance Deals, and Get Paid

Learn about tools and resources to help grow your business abroad.

Workforce Indicators @ Your Fingertips – QWI Explorer

Interested in knowing if there is an income gap between genders? Or if the number of hires for your industry is consistently increasing over time?

Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: International Trade

During this webinar, Census Bureau experts help you understand practical ways to use our international trade data through illustrations and use cases.

Job Growth and Spatial Mismatch between Jobs and Low-Income Residents

This presentation seeks to address job sprawl within the Dallas region and discuss how low-income families are separated from suburban job opportunities.

The 2017 Economic Census: A Preview of What's New and What's Coming Soon

Join us for this webinar for a preview of the upcoming 2017 Economic Census data products and resources.

Your Business by the Numbers: Intro to Economic Programs & Data Tools

Find out how the Census Bureau measures key information about businesses and industries in this overview of the Economic Census and other economic programs.

Census Business Builder - Small Business Edition: A Primer

During this one-hour webinar, you will be introduced to the Census Business Builder (CBB) suite of web-based applications and get a tour of how to access them.

Older People Working Longer, Earning More

The percentage of employed older people has increased during the past two decades, and these older workers are earning more now than in previous years.

Using LEHD and Zillow Data to Understand Housing Market Impacts

Learn how Zillow pairs Census LEHD data with Zillow’s local housing market data in their industry-leading housing market research.

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