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Under Section 508 Charter and Policy US Census Bureau employees and executives have roles and responsibilities. Both federal employees and contractors are responsible for Section 508 compliance as it aligns with their role in the organization.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The CIO establishes the Census Bureau’s Section 508 program, provides leadership of the program, and appoints the Section 508 Program Manager. The CIO also ensures Section 508 accessibility considerations are incorporated into the planning, operation, and management of any ICT that is developed, used, or maintained by the Census Bureau.

Program Managers

Section 508 Program Managers/Coordinators are appointed by the CIO to develop an agency wide Section 508 program. These individuals provide guidance in the areas of developing, procuring, maintaining, and using ICT products and services within the agency. Agencies need a well-qualified Section 508 Program Manager who has the ability, visibility, and authority to lead agency compliance activities to ensure digital services and technology solutions are accessible and usable for employees and members of the public with disabilities.

Contracting Officers

Contracting Officers (COs) ensure that all acquisition requests are accompanied by the appropriately completed Section 508 Acquisitions checklist.


Developers should take into consideration Section 508 compliance, when developing ICTs. They should be aware of WCAG guidelines and success criteria, accessibility coding fundamentals in order to make ICTs perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

Section 508 Program Coordinator

The Coordinator is responsible for helping the Census Bureau meet its 508 goals, which may include identifying new ways of delivering technology that is 508 compliant.

Page Last Revised - November 18, 2021
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